Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have already tried everything else. Why would this therapy work?

    This Short-Term Therapy addresses all the senses and integrates a whole range of therapeutic methods. It is like «peeling the onion» layer by layer from all sides. It is compatible with any other therapy, thus accelerating the overall self-healing process. It is able to catalyze profound healing results, even after other treatments have failed.
  2. Are there any issues Birgitta can't tackle?

    I can handle most issues as long as the person is able to actually FEEL some emotions and has the desire to heal.
  3. How long does it last?

    A session lasts around 3 hours. 1 One month's follow up is included and is part of the therapy. Three sessions are recommended for a deep and lasting effect.
  4. How many individual sessions are necessary on average?

    It is strongly recommended that three sessions are undertaken as it is impossible to judge the outcome after only one. Giving up after one session would be like seeing a doctor or therapist once only because he didn't solve the problem right away.
  5. Is there any preparation to do before doing The Journey?

    Eat moderately (but still with something in the stomach) to be able to more easily access the emotions.
  6. How will I feel after the session?

    It varies with each person. Many people feel quite tired. As with homeopathy things need to come out and not stay inside.
  7. What about the frequency of the sessions, is it better or not to do them in a row or to let some time in between?

    One to two sessions the first week would be the best, and waiting 2 weeks between the 2nd and the 3rd sessions is ideal. The closer together the sessions the more it helps the person to stay open. Being further apart gives the individual time to practice new and healthier ways of interacting in life. People coming from abroad or a long distance usually do two sessions in a row and then wait a few days for the last session or doing the last session by phone.