Eat and drink moderately (in order to not to interrupt the continuity of the session). Wear warm and comfortable clothing with layers.If you have an eye-mask at home, please bring it (covering the eyes helps to visualize and feel your emotions more easily).If you have a tendency to get hypoglycemic, you should bring something such as juice with sugar and a banana, seeing as the session lasts several hours and can cover the lunch period.

    Bring something to eat, as you will probably be VERY hungry.

    Schedule some quiet "alone time" to relax and take it easy (no stressful activities!), so as to let the inner healing continue.

    To ensure that your Journey has a profound and lasting effect after mostly many years of building up to the problem 3 appointments are recommended.

CANCELLATION : If you are unable to keep an appointment or want to carry it forward, please make sure you let me know in person (no emails or voice messages!), at least 48 hours beforehand, as someone else could be offered to take that slot ; otherwise the session will be charged.

The best time to reach me is early in the morning from 09 am.

Weekends from 09.45am +41 (0)22 700.58.55, (Answering-machine 7/7)

In case of any last minute changes, please CALL ME!

Birgitta Westling

22 700 58 55 (messages 7/7)

(079 301 20 08 if first busy or absent – NO voice mail possible!)



  • Know that your body is still integrating and processing all that you went through. You may feel a little drained, shattered or emotionally tender. This is natural when the body is healing.
  • To support yourself, it’s important to be nurturing to yourself. It’s good to take a hot bath or shower – add sea salt if taking a bath…
  • Drink lots of water to continue your detoxification.
  • Have a light meal for example some hot soup.
  • Go to bed early and just before you fall asleep send a final round of forgiveness, “empty out”, and fall asleep, bathed in the knowledge of peace and reconciliation.
  • If strong emotions arise, know that it is just the healing continuing and allow them to come up and wash you clean. Be present to them (don’t disperse them, distract yourself from them, or stuff them back down). Just STOP, BREATHE and BE PRESENT. The emotions will come and go.
  • Remember to CELEBRATE even the small changes.
  • I can’t INSIST enough that the follow up is closely related to the outcome. Therefore the importance to stay in touch with me during the days following the sessions, particularly around the 3rd day.
  • Please call or send an e-mail (no SMS please).